Welcome to my first newsletter and thoughts on Isolation.

Hello and welcome to the first issue of my newsletter. In the past I have attempted to regularly send out newsletters, but find that after a while it becomes just a case of sending out news updates and I know myself that I very rarely read those. I will no longer be writing on my blog (although I do have other plans for that), but instead will be sending out these newsletters every couple of months. This will lead to more consistent content going forward.

Thoughts from Isolation

Like many people I have been observing the lockdown for the past 8 or 9 weeks (who can tell now). I cannot complain, especially compared to those on the front line and essential workers and huge respect to them. I am lucky to live in a house and have access to some nice parks within walking distance, some have not been so lucky. The only real hardship is not seeing my parents since January due to self isolating and the restriction on travel, but fingers crossed.

Initially I began making work surrounding the lock-down and my experience of it, but as it went on, I felt that it was not really progressing. Other photographers have been producing great work documenting the struggle against Covid-19. For me there is still a lack of coverage of the devastation caused by this virus, especially in the UK press. Maybe had there been more exposure given to it early on then lock-down may have been embraced a bit more keenly, similar to Italy or Spain. Speaking to several journalists access to hospitals and the front line has been hard to come by. Giles Duley has recently published some images in GQ magazine. These are important images and begin to show the reality of the situation in a way that hasn’t really been seen so far in the UK. Its strange that they come from a fashion magazine 3 months after the pandemic took hold probably says a lot about how the media is thought of in this country. In my experience working for the press can close doors as easily as open them.

This period has been a time of reflecting on the past and looking to the future. I wrote a piece on my blog about how the context of my recent book has changed since its release last November. I won’t repeat what I wrote, but in summery the work in the book could not have been made today. It is hard to know if society will ever return to the scenes captured in those images. You can read more about that on my blog.


One aspect of lock-down that has been good to see is how the photography community has come together and risen to the challenge of supporting one another through these difficult times. I have been offering out portfolio reviews and have taken part in a number of webinars and zoom workshops. A part of this is taking part in the Artist Support Pledge, which basically involves selling artwork for less than £200 and when you have a certain amount of sales you buy a piece of artwork from another artist. It is a great initiative to help support the arts community when many of us have lost large parts of out income stream.

To see the selection, including the above image, please click below, the more I sell the more I can buy off of other artists!

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In the next few days I will be running a competition for a signed copy of my book, which will be open to all subscribers to this here newsletter. If you already have a copy then I am sure I can sort you out with another prize if you win. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter for updates on that. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter.

New Work

I recently published a project over on my journal, its a work in progress, but felt it was interesting in the current climate. I began working on FAO a couple of years ago in Portugal and had thoughts about continuing it this year, but the current situation has put that on hold. The project looked at the town of Faro and its position as the gateway to the Algarve. I published the work because the context has now changed due to the pandemic. You can see the project over on my website.

FAO - Gateway to the Algarve

Other News

  • Some of my lock-down images were featured by the Lucy Bell Gallery on their Instagram page and subsequently featured by Photo Hastings

  • I really enjoyed this interview on Emmazed with photographer Mark Steinmetz, It’s a couple of years old now, but it is worth a read.

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